At Constell we have great experience in the design of diecast tooling.  We appreciate how robust the tool needs to be to withstand the demands of the diecasting process. Our experience allows us to work with our customers to influence component design to the stage where it is fit for purpose.





Our team fully understand the importance of such things as radii for tool longevity, material flow and component strength.  We consider trimming in the design of our shut-outs and component concessions.





We have the know-how to design and manufacture complex dies with features such as hydraulic slides, slide ejection and fixed half ejection.





At Constell we also design and manufacture trim tools and machining fixtures, thereby offering a 'one stop shop'. If you have a component that is particularly difficult to fill, or has porosity issues, maybe you need a casting simulation. We work closely with MAGMASOFT to give our customers successful first off shots, cutting out the time-consuming process of runner and gate development.

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