plastic injection moulds

Constell have a vast experience of tooling for thermoplastic rigid or TPE type flexible plastics. Servicing markets such as automotive, electronics, medical and industrial. Our tools are precision engineered to the finest tolerances using a combination of CNC milling, EDM, wire erosion, grinding and drilling. Whether your requirements are for protoype, low volume single impression or high cavitation repeat series tools, we can cater for your needs.

Mechanical or hydraulic undercut release, ejector pins, sleeves and blades. Multi drop hotrunners, delayed ejection tab gates, subgates, winkle gates. These are all features we are experienced in implementing. Moulds are designed with comprehensive tool temperature control circuits to reduce cycle times and produce better quality mouldings.

We cater for low volume component tooling all the way up to high volume repeat series tooling and every level in between. All our tools are tailored to the customer’s specific needs.We can develop or redesign your problematic tooling.

If you require low volume moulding or tool trialling we have partner companies that can fulfil your requirements.

We use all quality tool steels such as Orvar Supreme, Vanadis 23, D2, M2, 1.2767, 1.2312, 1.2311 and Toolox 44. We can apply special coatings such as Titanium nitride or Tufftride to improve the performance of your tools. Surface finishes such as VDI, polished or texturing can all be applied.

Design is tailored to your budget and specifications. When margins are tight maybe your budget won't stretch to fully hardened H13 inserted individual tools, a  family tool made from P20 with runner valves could be the solution.

At Constell we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to help customers achieve their goal of obtaining robust, cost effective and efficient tooling in a timely manner.

Our moulds are designed with standard parts from quality suppliers such as Hasco, DMS and DME, so damaged or worn parts are easy to replace.

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